General Information

  1. Service Administrator is SZELEJEWSKI Sp. z o.o Sp. k. with its registered seat in Rawicz (63-900) at ul. Winiary 5A, premises no. 3, with NIP number:6991958901, KRS number: 0000652966, DUNS ® 539523151.
  2. Service realizes the function of obtaining information on users and their behaviours in the following way:
    1. Through voluntarily entered information in the forms;
    2.  Through saving cookies files on terminal equipment (so called “cookies”),
    3. Through gathering www server logs by hosting operator , functioning under the address

Information in the forms

  1. Service gathers information indicated voluntarily by Service Users. Service User, in the meaning of the hereby Privacy Policy, is each Employer, Candidate and User as specified in the Terms of Use of internet service, available under the address
  2. Service may furthermore save information on parameters of connection (time marking, IP address).
  3. Data within the form are not made available to any third parties unless subject to user’s consent.
  4. Data indicated in the form may constitute a set of potential clients, registered by Service Operator within the register maintained by General Inspector of Personal Data Protection.
  5. Data indicated in the form are processed for the purpose stemming from the function of specific form, i.e. For the purpose of conducting the process of servicing maintenance requests or contact requests.
  6. Data indicated in the forms may be passed on to entities technically realizing some services-in particular this concerns passing of information regarding the owner of registered domain to entities being operators of internet domains, services maintaining payments or other entities with which service Administrator cooperates in this regard.

Cookies policy

  1. The hereby Cookies policy of the website (further referred to as “Website”) is directed at users of the Website and defines type, scope,, methods of using cookies and rights and obligations of users.
  2. Administrator of cookies is SZELEJEWSKI Sp. z o.o Sp. k. with its registered seat in Rawicz (63-900) at ul. Winiary 5A, premises no. 3, with NIP number:6991958901, KRS number: 0000652966, DUNS ® 539523151.
  3.  Cookies files (so called cookies) are files sent to the computer or other device of a user during browsing through the Website. Cookies files remember user’s preferences which enables raising the quality of services provided, improving search results and relevance of displayed information and tracing preferences of these entities. Cookies files are used for the purpose of identifying the user and correct assigning historical data gathered during their previous visits in the Service. Cookies usually contain name of internet website from which they originate, time of their storage on terminal equipment and unique number.
  4. During the use of the Website by the user, his or her data such as: IP address, name of domain, type of browser, type of operational system are gathered automatically. Such data may be gathered by cookies files, Google Analytics system and Web Beacon system and they may be saved in server logs.
  5. If a user does not wish to receive cookies files he or she may change browser settings. We note that switching off the cookies files service necessary for the processes of authentication, safety, maintenance of user preferences may hinder and, in extreme cases, prevent the use of internet websites.
  6. Data indicated by a user or gathered automatically, are used by Service provider for:
    1. correct functioning, configuration, safety and reliability of the Website,
    2. monitoring of session status,
    3. adjusting the displayed information to user preferences or
    4. analyses, statistics, tests and audits of Website displays.
  7. In the frames of Service two basic types of cookies files are applied: “sessions” (cookies sessions) and “fixed” (persistent cookies). Session cookies are temporary files which are stored by terminal equipment of a user until logging out, leaving the website or switching off the software (internet browser). “Fixed” cookies files are stored in terminal device of user for a definite period of time in parameters of cookies files or until the time of their removal by the user.
  8. Software for browsing internet websites (internet browser) usually by default allows for storing of cookies files in terminal equipment of a user. Users of the Service may conduct a change of settings in this scope. Internet browser enables removal of cookies files. Automatic blocking of cookies files is also possible.
    Detailed information on this topic are contained within assistance tool or internet browser documentation.
  9. Limitations for applying cookies files may impact some of the functionalities available on internet websites of the Service.
  10. Cookies files are located within the terminal device of the Service User and may also be used by advertisers and partners cooperating with Administrator.
  11. Administrator recommends familiarizing with privacy protection policy of these entities in order to learn the principles of using cookies files used in the statistics: Privacy Protection Policy of Google Analytics.
  12. Cookies files may be used by advertising networks, in particular Google network, to display advertisements adjusted to the way in which the user uses the Service. For this purpose they may contain information on navigation path of a user or on the time of viewing a given website.
  13. In the scope of information about user preferences gathered by the advertising network of Google, the user may browse and edit information stemming from cookies files with the use of the following tool:
  14. Any additional questions related to the hereby Cookies Policy should be directed to the following email address of Administrator: .
  15. Principles specified in the Cookies Policy are subject to Polish jurisdiction.

Server logs

  1. Information on some behaviours of users are subject to logging on a server level. Such data are used exclusively in order to administer the service and for the purpose of ensuring the most efficient possible service of hosting.
  2. Browsed resources are identified through URL address. Furthermore, the provision may concern:
    1. time of arrival of inquiry;
    2. time of sending of reply;
    3. Name of client station-identification realized by HTTP protocol;
    4. Information regarding errors which occurred upon realization of HTTP transaction,
    5. URL address of previously visited by the user (referer link)- in case when transition to Service occurred through reference link,
    6. Information on user browser,
    7. Information on IP address,
  3. Above data are not associated with persons browsing the websites.
  4. Above data are used solely for the purposes of administering the server.

Data sharing

  1. Data subject to sharing by external entities solely in legally allowed limits.
  2. Date enabling identification of natural person are made available exclusively subject to consent of such person.
  3. Operator may be obliged to grant information gathered by the Service to the authorized organs pursuant to legal demands in the scope resulting from such a demand.